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About Us

Our journey begins when we decide to turn our home grown handmade bedding business into a Brand and E commerce Business Model.

Thus Fabrify was formed in 2015 by Mrs SNEHAL in Surat. And since then it has made its way to becoming a recognized Baby Handmade Bedding Brand with souring sales volumes and intact quality.

Following the standards set by our family we created our own little niche market segment by focusing on just few selected products.

Inspired from Steve Jobs, We are service focused company. We focused on service delivered rather than range of items and earned our reputation for that.

Leading by our customer focus products and quality we became leading marketplace players on Flipkart and Amazon. We repeated same with other e-Commerce, retail and wholesale.

We started with just 1 products and still have very few products in our basket, and opposite to others we run our bossiness from few quality products which lowers our costs so than we can give our customer the best.

This gives us edge over other to provide our customers customization service and Do It yourself services and make us stand taller than our competitors.

We’re highly committed to customer satisfaction and go out of our way to make sure you walk out happy.

We love creating and crafting our new designs. We do it for you. We care because you care even more.
We believe that quality and beautiful design can come at an affordable price. Enjoy your shopping as much as we enjoy bringing those pieces into the world!

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